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Post Game Analysis: September 13th, 2022 - 12th week
2022.09.13 Video Highlights

Below are two tables that show your chance of playing in the championship game and winning the championship depending on your final placement at the end of the regular season. So far information is certain for 40 championship games.

Winning Championship
FinishIn Final and Win*
*Note:40 Seasons

Avg Seasons of play for team member
Liga de Gulag1.42(1.33)
East Hampton SC3.31(2.72)
FC Tuxpan4.54(3.77)
Sag Harbor7.00(6.00)
Maidstone Market10.07(9.81)
Tortorella Pools18.45(17.60)

*Note: ()- had oldest and youngest player removed.
You must have played at least 3 games this season.

Looks like Tortorella Pools is the oldest team in the league again. Average length of play for each player being 9 years.

Golden Boot Winner
 Cristian Compuzano Golden Boot Winner
  Cristian Compuzano

Cristian Compuzano of FC Tuxpan won the "Golden Boot" award.

Golden Glove Winner
  Cristian Compuzano Golden Boot Winner
 Antonio Chavez(left) & Wilson Tucuri

Antonio Chavez holding the 2nd place trophy and Wilson Tucuri with the golden glove award.


Remember to pick up all your water bottles and garbage before you leave the field. We do not want the village to say that we leave the park in a mess!

Weekly Discipline List
Melvin SolarFC TuxpanYellow Card$5
Mauricio GuzmanSag Harbor2nd Yellow$5


This game was postponed for a week since last week was a rain out. In the early morning, it down poured but the field was playable in the evening. Again the teams started the game late. Each half would be 35 minutes long. We had a great turn out with about 85 spectators. Several players from the 80's were spotted watching the game. I saw Charlie Bateman of Bateman Painting and Bob Moss who played for Shelter Island during the 80's and 90's. I also heard that Joel Gomez, top scorer in the 80's, was at the game but did not see him.

As to the game, it was a fast paced game with action at both ends. Several great diving saves were made by both goalies. Sag Harbor started without their regular goalie, Jorge Lopez, but Mauricio Guzman stepped in and did a fine job. Sag Harbor took the lead about 12 minutes into the game and kept it. Action was mostly in the mid field. In the end, Sag Harbor United was able to hold on and win the Spring 2022 championship.

Hope to see you in the spring after the renovations of Herrick Park are completed.

Remember, Be the first to score and you have a 73% chance of winning it!

Sag Harbor UnitedvsFC Tuxpan
2 0

Game Photographs:
Wilson Tacuri of FC Tuxpan, blasting the ball up the field Manuel Ramos of Sag Harbor(left) and Melvin Solar of FC Tuxpan watching the ball Jorge Nieto of FC Tuxpan blasting the ball up the field Looks like Rafael Santos of Sag Harbor(white) ran past the ball Two players from the 80's and 90's, Charlie Bateman of Bateman Painting and Bob Moss of Shelter Island Antonio Chavez, manager of FC Tuxpan(white shirt), worried how the game is going Maicol Parra of Sag Harbor United scored the winning goal Jean Paul Palacios of FC Tuxpan on the attack Cristian Compuzano of FC Tuxpan(left) and Gabriel Aroyo of Sag Harbor going for the ball Gerson Damain of Sag Harbor(front) running past Alejandro Landeros of FC Tuxpan Sag Harbor United starting to celebrate their victory over FC Tuxpan Domingo Perez, Sag Harbor United manager, holding up the first place trophy Sag Harbor United - Spring 2022 champions Antonio Chavez, FC Tuxpan manager(left) and Golden Glove winner Wilson Tacuri Spring 2022 Golden Boot Winner Cristian Compuzano of FC Tuxpan. Cristian scored a total of 11 goals

Sag Harbor United :
Donald Martinez, Maicol Parra,

FC Tuxpan :

Sag Harbor United Spring 2022 Champions

Video high lights of the match found here.

Game starts late

This championship game start time was set late in the evening to make sure both teams had their players. We had a large turnout with about 85 spectators. One of the largest in a long time.

The league tries to start the games on time. Our digital timer is programmed to time one game including half time. Once the timer starts, it can not be stopped. The only thing you can do is reset it and start from the beginning, which we can not do. Our timer counts down a minute warning before kick-off so the teams have enough time to get onto the field and be ready to play. As the clock started the one minute count down warning, the players on both teams were seen strategizing and by the time of kick off, the clocked ticked down about five minutes into game time. This game, 35 minute halves would be played without overtime if the game ended in a tie.

Sag Harbor would start the game missing their regular goalie, Jorge Lopez, who arrived late to the game. In his place Mauricio Guzman would start defending the net. Guzman has not played once as a goalie during the season. FC Tuxpan did not take advantage of the inexperienced goalie for Sag Harbor. FC Tuxpan had few shots on Guzman. So about 12 minutes into the game, Sag Harbor scores to take the lead. Maicol Parra of Sag Harbor has the ball inside the FC Tuxpan goalie box and was able to fire off a low grounder that beat Wilson Tacuri of FC Tuxpan into the net to give his team the lead.

Play continued with good attacks at both ends of the field. One one attack by Sag Harbor, a shot is taken that Tacuri had to dive to make a one handed save by pushing the ball over the cross bar. It was looking like no more goals would be scored during the first half. With about seven minutes left in the half, Lopez of Sag Harbor enters the field to play in the goal.

Sag Harbor holds on

The game heated up during the second half of play. FC Tuxpan needed to score and quickly. On one play, a Sag Harbor defender slides tackles a FC Tuxpan forward and takes him down. Words were exchanged between players but also both teams came to try to calm each player down. On another play, Donald Martinez of FC Tuxpan had the ball and had a one on one with Tacuri inside the FC Tuxpan goalie box. Out of sight, Jorge Neito, of FC Tuxpan comes running to do a slide tackle on Martinez. Well, Martinez was able to hit the ball as Neito feet were about to hit Martinez. Anyway, Tacuri was able to block the shot.

FC Tuxpan had a chance to score on a direct kick taken by Melvin Soler. Soler hit the ball to the far side of the goal. Running toward the ball was Jorge Neito, one of the tallest players in the league along with his brother, who headed the ball directly toward the goal. Lopez had to do a diving one hand save to push the ball over the cross bar to prevent a goal.

As time was running out, play was mostly at the Sag Harbor end. Any ball that went out of play for Sag Harbor, Sag Harbor took their time to waste out the clock. We do not have injury overtime. When play is finished, it's finished.

So with just under a minute left in the game, FC Tuxpan had a chance to score again. This time Soler takes a throw in. His powerful throw places the ball at the far side of the goal. Running again was Neito, who headed the ball directly at the goal. Again, Lopez had to do a diving one hand save to push the ball over the cross bar.

So with under 10 seconds on the clock, Martinez gets the ball and heads toward the FC Tuxpan goal. He was able to dribble around Tacuri and fire a shot with just a second left on the clock. The ball heads toward the goal with a FC Tuxpan defender slide tackling to prevent the ball from roll into the goal. In the end, the defender failed and Martinez got his goal. With that, Sag Harbor United won the spring 2022 championship. A well played game.