Spring 2022 Award Competition:

"Golden Boot" & "Golden Glove" Award

Each season, the East End Men’s Soccer League gives out the "Golden Boot" & 'Golden Glove" awards. The "Golden Boot" award is given to the player who scores the most goals during the regular season. The 'Golden Glove' Award is given to the best goalie in the league during the regular season. We also give out the non-competitive "Player of the Season" title. This title is given to the player who has the most goals and assists during the regular season. Remember: "To be in it, kick it in!"

"Golden Boot" Leaders
Goals Player Team Games
3 Compuzano, Cristian FC Tuxpan 2
2 Bako, Mark East Hampton SC 2
2 Gonzalez, Cristian Tortorella Pools 2
1 Aroyo, Gabriel Sag Harbor United 1
1 Guzman, Mauricio Sag Harbor United 2
1 Martinez, Donald Sag Harbor United 2
1 Martinez, Marvin Sag Harbor United 2
1 Menuey, Yonaton Tortorella Pools 2
1 Naula, Jorge Maidstone Market 1
1 Perellano, Romario FC Tuxpan 2
As of June 21st games

"Golden Glove" Award

"Golden Glove" Leaders
Avg Total Games Player Team
3 6 2 Jorge Lopez Sag Harbor United
0.75 1.5 2 Alejandro Bolanos Tortorella Pools
0.25 0.5 2 Esteban Aguilar East Hampton SC
0.25 0.5 2 Willson Tacuri FC Tuxpan
0 0 1 Ivan Mesa Maidstone Market
-0.5 -0.5 1 Edgar Farez Liga de Gulag
Earning 'Golden Glove" Points
+1For playing in a game.
+5For Goalkeeper conceding 0 goals
+5For every penalty kick saved by a Goalkeeper
-1For every 2 goals conceded by your Goalkeeper
-1For a yellow card
-3For a red card

"Player of the Season" Award

"Player of the Season" Leaders
Rank Points Player Team
1 6 Cristian Compuzano FC Tuxpan
2 4 Mark Bako East Hampton SC
2 4 Cristian Gonzalez Tortorella Pools
4 2 Gabriel Aroyo Sag Harbor United
4 2 Mauricio Guzman Sag Harbor United
4 2 Donald Martinez Sag Harbor United
4 2 Marvin Martinez Sag Harbor United
4 2 Yonaton Menuey Tortorella Pools
4 2 Jorge Naula Maidstone Market
4 2 Romario Perellano FC Tuxpan
11 1 Christopher Dinardo Maidstone Market
11 1 Cristian Duran Tortorella Pools
11 1 Romulo Tubatan Tortorella Pools
Points: 2 points for each goal scored, 1 point for each assist.
Assist: An assist is awarded when the goal scorer receives the ball directly from a team mate and scores without having to take the ball past an opposing player. If the assist pass takes a small deflection which does not change the direction of the pass, it will still be given. No assists are awarded for own goals or penalties.