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Bateman Painting - Fall 2007 League Champions
The champs
Back(l-r): Luis Barrera, Hermin Maran, Renzo Rueda, Diego Marles
Front(l-r): Luis Correa, Hector Quintero, Roger Quinceno, Carlos Cardenas

ateman Painting - Fall 2007 Schedule
 DateTimeTeam GoalsOpponentGoalsResult
Photographs have been posted for this game Sep 19 18:30 Bateman Painting 1 Tuxpan 1 Tie
Photographs have been posted for this game Sep 26 19:25 Bateman Painting 4 Maidstone Market 2 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Oct 3 19:25 Bateman Painting 1 Par East Mortgage 4 Lost
Photographs have been posted for this game Oct 10 20:30 Bateman Painting 6 Bayberry Nursery 1 Won
no photos Oct 17 19:00 Bateman Painting 4 Casual Water Ltd 0 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Oct 24 20:30 Bateman Painting 4 Tuxpan 1 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Oct 31 20:20 Bateman Painting 1 Maidstone Market 2 Lost
Photographs have been posted for this game Nov 7 19:25 Bateman Painting 3 Par East Mortgage 2 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Nov 14 19:25 Bateman Painting 2 Bayberry Nursery 3 Lost
Photographs have been posted for this game Nov 21 18:30 Bateman Painting 0 Casual Water Ltd 2 Lost
Semi Final MatchPhotographs have been posted for this game Dec 5 19:40 Bateman Painting 3 Bayberry Nursery 1 Won
Championship MatchPhotographs have been posted for this game Dec 12 18:30 Bateman Painting 4 Tuxpan 0 Won
Photos were taken during this game Photographs posted for this match Semi Final Match Semi Final Match  Championship Match Championship Match 

 Field: Herrick Park, Easthampton  Match: Championship  Date: December 12th, 2007 at: 18:30 Weather: Windy 35°F(1.6°C)
TuxpanvsBateman Painting
0(0) 4(2)

Game Photographs:
Roger Quinceno of Bateman controling the ball in front of Gonzalo Presedo of Tuxpan Herman Maran of Bateman(front) keeping the ball away from Luis Vas of Tuxpan(rear) A collision between Luis Correa of Bateman(front) and Gonzalo Presedo of Tuxpan Gonzalo Presedo of Tuxpan(right) about to get by Luis Correa of Bateman(left) Rafael Godinho of Tuxpan about to head the ball Tuxpan at half time, not too happy Josiel Do Nasumento of Tuxpan(left) about to head the ball in front of Luis Correa of Bateman Roger Quinceno of Bateman(red/blue) just too fast for Tuxpan Diego Marles of Bateman(rear) guarding Antonio Ibarra of Tuxpan Leonardo Garcia of Tuxpan(white) about to get by Diego Marles(left) and Hector Quintero of Bateman Leonardo Garcia of Tuxpan(white) holding off Herman Maran of Bateman Tuxpan the 2nd place team Bateman Painting - Fall 2007 Champs<br />rear(l-r) Lius B,Herman,Renzo,Diego<br />front(l-r) Luis C,Hector,Roger, Carlos Fall 2007 Golden Boot winnner<br />Luis Correa of Bateman<br />10 goals Luis Correa, Carlos Cardenas, and Hector Quintero of Bateman heading out to party
Bateman Painting - Fall 2007 Champions
Bateman takes the lead

Who was going to win. Tuxpan in our poll was favored to win. All the votes went to Tuxpan but in the end, Bateman came out as victors. The game was uneventfull. Bateman was missing a goalie so they were planning to have Alex Posada in the net but Posada did not have the required amount of games under his belt to be eligible to play in the playoffs. Instead, Carlos Cardenas was in the net for the entire match. Both sides were attacking but Bateman had the better attack. Referee Mark Passiatore had to throw a fan out due to the language used by the fan. A delay of at least 5 minutes went by until the fan left the field. It did not take long for Bateman to score. Luis Correa had the ball on the right side of the goal. Correa sees that Hermin Maran is open near the far goal post Then Correa fires a pass to Maran, who could not take the shot next to the goal post, fires it back to Correa, who slides and pushes the ball into the net past Antonio Chavez to score first. Then Correa passes the ball to Maran who from about 5 yards fires a low shot into the net.

Bateman Fall 2007 Champs

During the first and second half of the game, Bateman had many shots on the Tuxpan goal but they just went wide. Bateman could have scored at least 8 goals. Bateman kept on scoring when Correa had the ball near the Tuxpan end line. Correa fires the ball into the center of the goal where Roger Quniceno was standing. Roger fires the shot into the net to score. It was looking bleak for Tuxpan and they could not put a ball at the Bateman net. Then in another miss by Bateman where Roger Quinceno passed it off to Diego Marles who fired it back to Quinceno. But Quinceno shot hit the Tuxpan goal post. Then the fourth goal for Bateman was scored by Quinceno who dribbled by himself into the Tuxpan goalie box and fired to give Bateman the Fall 2007 championship! A great game for Bateman and another championship for them. Great work!

-1.0    Chavez, Antonio    
-1.0    Do Nasumento, Josiel    
+1.0    Garcia, Leonardo    
+1.0    Godinho, Rafael    
+1.0    Ibarra, Antonio    
-1.0    Pichardo, Enrique    
-1.0    Presedo, Gonzalo    
-1.0    Robles, Mario    
+1.0    Vas, Luis    
Lost Chavez, Antonio 4 4
*Note: Player within this count had an 'Own Goal'

Bateman Painting
+3.0    Barrera, Luis    
+5.0    Cardenas, Carlos    
+10.0 Yellow Carded  Correa, Luis 1 2
+11.0    Maran, Hermin 1 1
+1.0    Marles, Diego    
+12.0 Yellow Carded  Quinceno, Roger 2  
+3.0    Quintero, Hector    
+5.0    Rueda, Renzo    
Shutout Cardenas, Carlos 0 3
*Note: Player within this count had an 'Own Goal'