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Fall 2008 Photographs:
December 10th, 2008 Championship
9 frame negative Carlos Torres of Bateman(left), Alex Ramirez(center) and Jefferson Ramirez of Maidstone just before the coin toss Hector Marles of Maidstone Market on the attack Winson Elegolda of Bateman(left) protecting the ball from Gehider Garcia of Maidstone Gehider Garcia(left) of Maidstone, Carlos Torres(center) of Bateman and Hector Marles(#7) deciding who will grab the ball first Manuel Lizano of Bateman(front) about to blast the ball out of danger Luis Correa of Batemen(left) about to take on Gerber Garcia of Maidstone Roger Quinceno of Bateman(left) just too fast for David Cardona of Maidstone Gehider Garcia of Maidstone(left), Luis Correa and Carlos Torres(right) of Bateman Alex Posada of Bateman grabbing the ball away from Gehider Garcia of Maidstone
9 frame negative Duvan Castro of Maidstone, heading the ball in front of the Bateman goal Jefferson Ramirez of Maidstone(left) on his way to score his third goal Jefferson Ramirez of Maidstone(left) one on one with Alex Posada but pushes the ball a bit wide to miss his fourth goal Maidstone Market preparing to take the championship team photo Maidstone-Fall 2008 Champs<br />back(l-r)John, Alex, Hector, Gerber,Steven<br />front(l-r) Duvan,Walter, Rene,Gehider,Jefferson, David Fall 2008 'Golden Boot' Winner<br />Luis Correa of Bateman<br />15 goals
December 3rd, 2008 Semi-Finals
9 frame negative Julian Munoz of Bateman(left) holding off Romulo Tubatan of the Rottweilers Winstone Reid of the Rottweilers(front) just too fast for Luis Correa of Bateman Marco Bautista(right) of the Rottweilers looking at his shot Alex Posada of Bateman blocking a shot that went wide that John Romero of the Rottweilers took Marco Bautista(#9) of Rottweilers celebrating the 'Own goal' made by Renzo Rueda (on ground white), as Alex Posada looks on PENALTY KICK ROUND #1 Carlos Torres of Bateman shooting just wide of the left post that Alejandro Bolanos could not get PENALTY KICK ROUND #1 Ernesto Valverde of the Rottweilers shot the ball over the cross bar that Alex Posada could not get PENALTY KICK ROUND #2 Alejandro Bolanos blocking the second shot taken by Winson Elegolda of Bateman PENALTY KICK ROUND #2 Mark Hogg of the Rottweilers hitting the ball wide to the right of the goal
9 frame negative PENALTY KICK ROUND #3 Alex Posada of Bateman hitting the third kick wide to the left of the goal PENALTY KICK ROUND #3 Alex Posada dived and saved the shot taken by Airick Samules of the Rottweilers PENALTY KICK ROUND #4 Roger Quinceno of Bateman scoring the first goal on Alejandro Bolanos PENALTY KICK ROUND #4 Alex Posada just can not reach the ball shot by John Romero of the Rottweilers to tie it up PENALTY KICK ROUND #5 Luis Correa of Bateman giving Bateman a one goal lead in the 5th round of the penalty kicks PENALTY KICK ROUND #5 Marco Bautista hitting the ball(left goal line) wide of the left goal post Hector Marles of Maidstone on the attack Luis Vas of Casual about to head the ball in front of a Maidstone defender Luis Vas of Casual protecting the ball from Hector Marles of Maidstone(rear)
9 frame negative Steven Orrego(left), Gehider Garcia(center) and Rafeal Godinho(right) of Casual racing toward the ball Leonardo Garcia(left) watching who will get the ball first, Christain Munoz(center) or Steven Orrego(right) of Maidstone All going for the ball, Gerber Garcia(left) of Maidstone, Dario Garcia(center) Casual keeper, and Rodolfo Marin of Casual(rear) Dario Garcia of Casual grabbing the ball from Steven Orrego of Maidstone Vanderley Silverio of Casual running to steal the ball away from Gehider Garcia of Maidstone(right) Leslie Czeladko of Casual holding the ball as Rodolfo Marin(left) and Jefferson Ramirez of Maidstone run by
November 26th, 2008
9 frame negative Jeff Esposito(right) and son Jake of Bayberry Airick Samules of L.I. Rottweilers Winston Reid of Rottweilers(left) protecting the ball from Jefferon Ramirez of Maidstone
November 12th, 2008
9 frame negative Chris Bottari(right) of Bayberry will get the ball off before Jefferson Ramirez can get it Steven Orrego(front) of Maidstone holding off a Bayberry defender Jeff Esposito of Bayberry Duvan Castro of Maidstone preparing to take the shot but Chris Bottari(center) and Jeff Esposito plan to block him Luis Vas of Casual(right) and Romulo Tubatan of Rottweilers Rafeal Godinho of Tuxpan Leonardo Garcia of Casual(right) running to steal the ball away from Romulo Tubatan of Rottweilers Vanderley Silverio of Casual(front) and Richard Scott(rear) of Rottweilers foot fighting for the ball Alfredo Negrete(left) of Rottweilers just a bit faster than Leonardo Garcia of Casual(right)
9 frame negative Antonio Padilla of Tuxpan on the attack Elias Sandoval(front) of Tuxpan and Carlos Torres(rear) of Bateman fighting for the ball in front of the Bateman goal Andres Arango of Tuxpan An injuried Tuxpan player being helped out by Carlos Torres of Bateman Alex Posada of Bateman blocking the shot
November 5th, 2008
9 frame negative Ernesto Valverde of Rottweilers(right) about to take on Juan Olvera of Tuxpan(left) Mario Robles of Tuxpan(left) holding off Richard Scott of Rottweilers(right) Richard Scott of Rottweilers(right) about to get by Albeiro Betancur of Tuxpan(left) Juan Olvera of Tuxpan(left) trying to prevent Winston Reid of Rottweilers(right) the ball Juan Olvera of Tuxpan(left) taking the shot in front of Mark Hogg of Rottweilers(right) Juan Olvera of Tuxpan(left) just too fast for John Romero of Rottweilers(right) All looking for the ball, Richard Scott (yellow,left),Albeiro Betancur(rear), Hugo Barros(front) and Enrique Pichardo(right) Rainy warm night but no one was able to show up!
October 29th, 2008
9 frame negative Carlos Cardenas of Bateman(front) out running Rafeal Godinho of Casual(rear) Luis Vas of Casual(left) just kicked the ball between the legs of Carlos Cardenas of Bateman(right) Manuel Lizano of Bateman(left) and Leonardo Garcia of Casual meeting up Julian Munoz of Bateman(left) about to take on Leonardo Garcia of Casual(right) Rene Gutierrez of Maidstone(right) sliding to steal the ball away from Antonio Padilla of Tuxpan(left) Andres Arango(#8) of Tuxpan, about to get by Rene Gutierrez of Maidstone(left) Elias Sandoval of Tuxpan about to blast the ball Jefferson Ramierz of Maidstone(left) and Antonio Padilla(right) of Tuxpan racing toward the ball Gonozalo Presedo of Tuxpan(center), holding off Gehider Garcia of Maidstone(left) while Antonio Chavez just watches
9 frame negative Winston Reid of L.I. Rottweilers Airick Samules of Rottweilers about to take on Ken Pascual(center) and Jeff Esposito of Bayberry Alex Cannon of Bayberry(left) about to kick the ball into Richard Scott of Rottweilers(right), who passes it to Romulo Tubatan
October 22nd, 2008
9 frame negative Hector Marles of Maidstone(right) holding off Christain Munoz of Casual Waters David Cardona of Maidstone(right) got the pass past Christain Munoz of Casual Waters(left) legs Luis Vas of Casual(left) getting by Hector Marles of Maidstone(right) Manuel Lizano of Bateman(right) back kicking the ball between the legs of Winston Reid of L.I. Rottweilers Julian Munoz of Bateman(front) protecting the ball from Airick Samules of L.I. Rottweilers(rear) Alejandro Landeros of Tuxpan(center) looking for a open man while Ken Pascual of Bayberry(right) running after him Dan Thorp of Bayberry(rear) can not get the ball from Alejandro Landeros of Tuxpan(front) Antonio Padilla of Tuxpan rushing to stop the ball from going out Antonio Padilla of Tuxpan about to trap the ball
9 frame negative Dwight Amade of Bayberry stopping the ball as Andres Arango of Tuxpan looks on Bernabe Hernandez of Tuxpan about to prevent the ball from going out of bounds Jeff Esposito of Bayberry stopping the ball while Alex Cannon(goalie) and Bernabe Hernandez of Tuxpan look on Bernabe Hernandez of Tuxpan(left) about to get the ball that hit Angel Calix of Bayberry on the arm Bernabe Hernandez of Tuxpan(right) about to try to kick the ball past Angel Calix of Bayberry(left) Andres Arango of Tuxpan(left) protecting the ball from Cesar Bautista of Bayberry(rear)
October 15th, 2008
9 frame negative Barnabe Hernandez of Tuxpan, trapping the ball in front of Christian Munoz of Casual Luis Vas of Casual(right) about to take on Barnabe Hernandez of Tuxpan Romulo Tubatan of L.I. Rottweilers(right) about to take on Rene Gutierrez of Maidstone Rene Gutierrez of Maidstone(right) getting the ball off before Winston Reid of L.I. Rottweilers can block it Rene Gutierrez of Maidstone(right) searching for the ball that Juan Carlos of L.I. Rottweilers(left) can not get L.I. Rottweilers at the half time Mark Hogg(center) of L.I. Rottweilers taking the ball out of his goalie box with Winston Reid guarding him Gehider Garcia(front) of Maidstone holding off Marco Bautista of L.I. Rottweilers(rear) Hermin Maran of Maidstone(rear) holding up Mark Hogg of L.I. Rottweilers
October 8th, 2008
9 frame negative John Romero of L.I. Rottweilers(center) just too fast for Rodolfo Marin(left) and Leonardo Garcia(right) of Casual Santiago Jimenez(left) of L.I. Rottweilers waiting for Alex Ramierz(ref) to get the ball for a kick as Luis Vas(right) of Casual is checking his Romulo Tubatan of L.I. Rottweilers(right) holding off Rodolfo Marin(center) of Casual so that team mate Airick Samules(left) can get by Romulo Tubatan of L.I. Rottweilers(left) blasting the ball past Rodolfo Marin(right) of Casual Winston Read of L.I. Rottweilers(left) and Luis Vas of Casual(right) racing toward the ball Dwight Amade of Bayberry(center) just too fast for Walter Arias(left) and Rene Gutierrez(right) of Maidstone Roger Quinceno of Bateman(left) protecting the ball from Juan Olvera of Tuxpan(right) Julian Munoz of Bateman(left) about to take on Antonio Padilla of Tuxpan(right) Luis Correa of Bateman(with ball) faking out Antonio Chavez of Tuxpan to score on an empty net
9 frame negative Hugo Barros of Tuxpan(left) holding the ball away from Luis Correa of Bateman(right)  Albeiro Betancur of Tuxpan(left) and Carlos Torres of Bateman(right) racing for the ball Christian Montes of Bateman(left) gettintg by Hugo Barros of Tuxpan(right) Renzo Rueda of Bateman(front) holding off Mario Robles of Tuxpan(rear)
October 1st, 2008
9 frame negative Gehider Garcia of Maidstone Market on the attack Winson Elegodlda of Bateman(left) and Hector Marles of Maidstone(right) fighting for the ball Renzo Rueda taking a shot at the goal but missing 3 times Santiago Jimenez of L.I. Rottweilers calling out for help Winston Read of L.I. Rottweilers on the attack Albeiro Betancur of Tuxpan(left) holding off Airick Samules of L.I. Rottweilers(right) Romulo Tubatan of L.I. Rottweilers(left) sliding to steal the ball from Hugo Barros of Tuxpan(with ball)
September 24th, 2008
9 frame negative Alejandro Landeros of Tuxpan(left) taking on Walter Arias of Maidstone(right) Tuxpan at half time Julian Munoz of Bateman on the attack Rafael Godinho of Casual(right) just too fast for Manuel Lizano(rear) of Bateman
September 17th, 2008
9 frame negative Hugo Barros of Tuxpan dribbling the ball in front of Angel Calix of Bayberry Cesar Bautista of Bayberry just too fast for a Tuxpan defender A shot on the Tuxpan goal(red/white) Ian Hanbach of Bayberry(green) kicked the ball just high of the cross bar A ball that Gonzalo Presedo shot that Levy Mwanza tipped over his head and is heading into the net Luis Correa of Bateman(right) trying to get by Fabian Arias of L.I. Rottweilers(left) A collision between Manuel Lizano(rear) of Bateman and Fabian Arias(front) of L.I. Rottweilers Ivan Mesa(left) of Maidstone holding off Juan Zuluaga of Casual
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