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Spring 2008 Photographs:
July 16th, 2008 Championship
9 frame negative Gehider Garcia of Maidstone(left) and Winson Elegolda of Bateman(right) leg fighting for the ball Who is going to reach the fall first? Juan Zuluaga of Maidstone(left) and Julian Munoz of Bateman(right) Renzo Rueda of Bateman(center) winding up for the kick Carlos Torres of Bateman about to take the shot as Wintson Read of Maidstone just watches Gehider Garcia of Maidstone(left) pushed Julian Munoz of Bateman out of the way Alex Ramierz repostioning the wall by Maidstone John Romero of Maidstone(right) about to take on Winson Elegolda of Bateman(left) John Romero of Maidstone(right) jumping out of the way from Winson Elegolda of Bateman(left) Maidstone Market team sponor John with the championship trophy
9 frame negative Gerber Garcia of Maidstone with the championship trophy Spring 2008 champs<br />(l-r) John,Cesar,Wilber, Winston,John,Walter,Gerber,Rene, Gehider,Duvan,Juan Carlos Cardenas of Bateman with the second play trophy, which is bigger then the champs Bateman Painting spring 2008<br />(l-r) Christian,Julian,Roger,Winson, Renzo, Alex(goalie),Carlos C,Carlos T
June 18th, 2008
9 frame negative When it is lighting, stay indoors! Alwx Mesa of of Maidstone Rene Gutierrez of Maidstone(rear) holding off Leonardo Garcia of Tuxpan(front)
June 11th, 2008
9 frame negative Giovany Espinoza of GEO(right) getting by Luis Correa of Bateman Airick Samules of GEO(right) tripping over the feet of Julian Munoz of Bateman Carlos Cardenas(front) of Bateman and Fabian Arias of GEO(rear) going for the ball Airick Samules of GEO(front) protecting the ball from Christian Montes of Bateman
June 4th, 2008
9 frame negative Airick Samules of GEO(left) can not turn around as he watches John Romero of Maidstone head toward the goal Cesar Galea of Maidstone on the attack Cesar Bautista of GEO(right) can not block the pass headed toward Juan Zuluaga of Maidstone Jon Wagner of Bayberry trying to get by Luis Correa of Bateman but does not have the room Lee Bartoshek of Bayberry watching the ball enter the net after it goes by his hands by a shot by Luis Correa of Bateman Ken Pascual of Bayberry(green) getting by Carlos Torres of Bateman to block the shot Luis Correa of Bateman(blue) just shot high of Jeff Esposito's head Winson Elegolda of Bateman(front) and Dan Thorp of Bayberry racing toward the ball
May 28th, 2008
9 frame negative Roger Quinceno of Bateman watching the ball to make sure that Antonio Padilla of Tuxpan does not get by Luis Vas of Tuxpan about to head the ball as Renzo Rueda of Bateman does a slide tackle Carlos Torres of Bateman(left) making sure not to get a hand ball so that Antonio Padilla does not get it Jon Wagner(left) of Bayberry and John Romero of Maidstone going for the ball Gehider Garcia of Maidstone about to fake out Ken Pascual of Bayberry Ian Hanbach of Bayberry watching the ball to make sure that Gehider Garcia does not get by Rene Gutierrez of Maidstone, blasting the ball before Jeff Esposito gets it Dwight Amade of Bayberry(left) and Walter Arias of GEO in a cloud of dust Mark Hogg of GEO clearing the ball out of danger
9 frame negative Christian Munoz of Casual(left) and Fabian Arias of GEO(right) racing toward the ball Rodolfo Marin(left), Richard Scott of GEO and Eddie Lopez(right) of Casual going for the ball
May 21st, 2008
9 frame negative Eddie Lopez of Casual(left) and Ken Pascual of Bayberry(right) fighting it out Christian Munoz of Casual Dan Thorp of Bayberry(#14) faking out Juan Olvera of Casual Gerard Lynch of Bayberry on the attack Hugo Barros of Tuxpan(left) holding off Richard Scott of GEO Luis Vas scoring on the penalty kick against Olger Araya of GEO Luis Vas(rear) and Fabian Arias(front) of GEO racing toward the ball  Leonardo Garcia of Tuxpan faking out a GEO defender Winson Elegolda of Bateman protecting the ball from Walter Arias of Maidstone(rear)
9 frame negative Alex Posada of Bateman grabbing the ball away from Ivan Mesa of Maidstone Cesar Galea of Maidstone(left) and Christian Montes of Bateman racing toward the ball  Walter Arias of Maidstone with the ball about to be taken out by Luis Correa of Bateman
May 14th, 2008
9 frame negative Juan Zuluaga of Maidstone blocking the ball that Duvan Castro of Maidstone can not save Rafeal Godinho of Tuxpan(left) taking on Rene Gutierrez of Maidstone Luis Vas of Tuxpan(front) holding off Rene Gutierrez of Maidstone Duvan Castro of Maidstone could not save the penalty kick taken by Luis Vas of Tuxpan Gerber Garcia of Maidstone(left) faking out Luis Vas of Tuxpan(right) Christian Munoz(left), Mike Hartman and Rodolfo Marin of Casual watching the ball Mike Hartman of Casual clearing the ball away from Carlos Cardenas of Bateman Renzo Rueda of Bateman(ground) holding the ball away from Juan Olvera of Casual Casar Bautista of GEO(center) getting by Dwight Amade(left) and Danel Thorp(right) of Bayberry
9 frame negative Dan Thorp of Bayberry(right) about to challange Casar Bautista of GEO All going for the ball, Brian Jones(bottom) and Fabian Arias(center) of GEO but Ian Hanbach(top) of Bayberry is just too tall Dwight Amade of Bayberry on the attack Lee Bartoshek of Bayberry(left) protecting the ball from Juan Carlos of GEO Juan Carlos of GEO(left) and Jon Wagner(right) are both in control of the ball Who has the longer leg, Giovany Espinoza of GEO(left) or Jon Wagner(right) of Bayberry
May 7th, 2008
9 frame negative  Roger Quniceno of Bateman(left) and Mark Hogg of GEO(right) kicking the ball at the same time Winson Elegolda of Bateman(left) just too fast for Santiago Jimenez of GEO(right) Juan Olvera of Casual(left) and John Romero of Maidstone(right) fighting for the ball Rodolfo Marin(right) of Casaul fighting it out with a Juan Zuluaga of Maidstone(left) Tony Shoshi(green) just too fast for a Hugo Barros of Tuxpan Levy Mwanza Bayberry goalie punching the ball away from Michael Rincon of Tuxpan
April 30th, 2008
9 frame negative Hugo Escanuela of Bayberry(left) getting by Christian Montes of Bateman(right) Carlos Torres of Bateman(right) taking a shot in front of Chris Bottari of Bayberry(left) Alfredo Megrete of GEO(ground) preventing the ball from entering the goal from a shot taken by Cesar Galea(#9) Luis Vas of Tuxpan Juan Olvera of Casual guarding Rafael Godinho of Tuxpan(right) Mike Hartman(left) of Casual and Luis Vas of Tuxpan going for the ball Luis Vas of Tuxpan(white) fighting with Mike Hartman of Casual(right) and Alejandro Bolonas of Casual(goalie) Antonio Chavez of Tuxpan(red) punching the ball away from Rodolfo Marin of Casual
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