Just a clear place holder
Maidstone Market - Spring 2010 League Champions
The champs
Rear(l-r): Alex Mesa, Antonio Padilla, Gehider Garcia, Gerber Garcia, Diego Marles
Front(l-r): John Romero,Ernesto Valverde, Roger Quinceno,Luis Correa

Maidstone Market Spring 2010 Schedule
 DateTimeTeam GoalsOpponentGoalsResult
Photographs have been posted for this game Apr 28 19:25 Maidstone Market 3 Bayberry Nursery 1 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game May 5 18:30 Maidstone Market 3 Tuxpan 1 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game May 19 18:30 Maidstone Market 0 Bateman Painting 2 Lost
no photos May 26 19:25 Maidstone Market 2 Tortorella Pools 1 Won
no photos Jun 2 18:30 Maidstone Market 4 Bayberry Nursery 0 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Jun 16 19:25 Maidstone Market 3 L.I. Rottweilers 2 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Jun 23 19:25 Maidstone Market 3 Bateman Painting 1 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Jun 30 20:20 Maidstone Market 4 Tortorella Pools 0 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Jul 7 20:20 Maidstone Market 4 L.I. Rottweilers 0 Won
no photos Jul 14 20:20 Maidstone Market 2 Tuxpan 0 Won
Semi Final MatchPhotographs have been posted for this game Jul 21 18:30 Maidstone Market 6 Tuxpan 1 Won
Championship MatchPhotographs have been posted for this game Jul 28 18:49 Maidstone Market 3 Bateman Painting 0 Won
Photos were taken during this game Photographs posted for this match Semi Final Match Semi Final Match  Championship Match Championship Match 

 Field: Herrick Park, Easthampton  Match: Championship  Date: July 28th, 2010 at: 18:49 Weather: P.Cloudy 72°F(22.2°C)
Maidstone MarketvsBateman Painting
3(0) 0(0)

Game Photographs:
Referee Alex Ramierz(left) and Leslie Czeladko holding the championship trophy Referee Alex Ramierz(center) laying down the law to David Cardona of Bateman(left) and Luis Corea of Maidstone Team picture before the start of the match, Bateman on the left and Maidstone on the right Renzo Rueda of Bateman(left) clearing the ball from Luis Correa of Maidstone(right) Gehider Garcia of Maidstone with the ball about to pass it to Luis Correa(right) Luis Correa of Maidstone taking the shot Manuel Lizano(left) of Bateman and Diego Marles of Maidstone fighting for the ball Is Manuel Lizano(left) of Bateman being arrested? No, he is just blocking the view of Maidstone keeper, Ivan Mesa Antonio Padilla of Maidstone about to shoot the ball into the far corner to give Maidstone the lead Ernesto Valverde of Maidstone(front) taking the shot Antonio Padilla(right) of Maidstone about to fake out Julian Munoz of Bateman Bateman Runner-Up<br/>Back(l-r) Manuel, Carlos, Christian, Turpan, Julian<br />front(l-r) Michael, Carlos T., David Maidstone Champs<br />Back(l-r) Alex, Antonio, Gehider, Gerber, Diego<br />Front(l-r) John, Ernesto, Roger, Luis The Spring 2010 champs, Ernesto Valverde(left), Roger Quinceno, and Gehider Garcia of Maidstone Market Steven Orrego of Tortorella Pools, the Spring 2010 golden boot winner with 9 regular season goals
Maidstone Market - Spring 2010 Champions
Scoreless Half

This was the championship match between Maidstone and Bateman. This is their third meeting in the championship match but Maidstone has won the past two. The match started late but the sun was shining to the end. Bateman was missing a goalie so Carlos Cardenas had to step in and played a good match. We had a total of about 40+ spectators.

From the start, Maidstone had control and produced many chances in front of the Bateman goal but the ball just did not want to go in. Maidstone had a chance to score when Julian Munoz of Bateman slide tackled John Romero of Maidstone inside the penalty box. A penalty kick was given to Maidstone and Ivan Mesa, Maidstone goalie, ran up and tried to take the kick. Mesa fired the ball over the cross bar.

Bateman was given a direct kick but it was nicely taken and the ball was chipped over the wall but did not find the net.

Luis Correa could have scored when Ernesto Valverde had the ball about 10 yards out and fired it to Correa who was about 5 yards out. Correa fired but just wide of the right goal post.

Maidstone scores three and becomes the Spring 2010 Champs

Could Bateman hold off Maidstone for another 30 minutes and go to overtime? No one was able to score but Renzo Rueda of Bateman could have had a own goal when a ball was crossed into the center by Velverde and Rueda kicked the ball just over the cross bar.

So about 15 minutes into the second half, Maidstone was able to score. Gerber Garcia of Maidstone fired the ball into the center of the goal mouth and the ball was deflected by a Bateman defender. The ball went to Antonio Padilla, who was alone(see photo) and fired the ball just inside the far goal post to give the lead to Maidstone. At this point Maidstone was looking as if they were going to win the match. Rueda of Bateman was given his second yellow card of the match for taking down Diego Marles. Rueda spoke some words and was given a red card. Bateman would play short a man till the end.

Maidstone had a nice 1-2-3 when Gerber Garcia passed the ball to Marles who moved it to Gehider Garcia to his side. Gehider Garcia from 5 yards scored. Bateman could have scored when Munoz was fouled inside the Maidstone box. Munoz took the penalty kick but Ivan Mesa saved the shot.

The last goal of the match was scored by Roger Quinceno of Maidstone on a penalty kick. Quinceno blasted the ball into the net to give Maidstone a convincing win and given them another championship cup.

September 1st, 2010: Due to the fact that Julian Munoz of Bateman after the game used foul language directed toward the referee, he was given a red card and also will be suspended the first two games of the fall 2010 season.

Maidstone Market
+1.0    Correa, Luis    
+4.0 Yellow Carded  Garcia, Gehider 1  
+8.0    Garcia, Gerber   1
+5.0 Yellow Carded  Marles, Diego   1
+3.0 Yellow Carded  Mesa, Ivan    
+8.0    Quinceno, Roger 1  
+8.0    Padilla, Antonio 1  
+3.0    Romero, John    
+1.0    Valverde, Ernesto    
Shutout Mesa, Ivan 0 6
*Note: Player within this count had an 'Own Goal'

Bateman Painting
-0.5    Cardenas, Carlos    
+1.0    Cardona, David    
+1.0    Espana, Michael    
-0.5    Lizano, Manuel    
-1.5 Yellow Carded  Montes, Christian    
+1.0    Moss, Turpan    
-2.0 Red Carded  Munoz, Julian    
-0.5 Yellow CardedRed Carded  Rueda, Renzo    
+1.0    Torres, Carlos    
Lost Cardenas, Carlos 3 7
*Note: Player within this count had an 'Own Goal'