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Hampton FC - Bill Miller Spring 2013 League Champions
The champs
Hampton FC Spring 2013 champs
(rear L-R) Duvan, Alex, Jose, Carlos, Martin, Cristian P, Cristian G
(front L-R) Alejandro, Ismael, Manuel, Oscar, Tono

Hampton FC - Spring 2013 Schedule
 DateTimeTeam GoalsOpponentGoalsResult
Photographs have been posted for this game Apr 24 18:30 Hampton FC-Bill Miller 0 The Hideaway 1 Lost
Photographs have been posted for this game May 1 20:20 Hampton FC-Bill Miller 1 Maidstone Market 3 Lost
no photos May 15 18:30 Hampton FC-Bill Miller 6 Tortorella Pools 0 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game May 22 19:25 Hampton FC-Bill Miller 2 Bateman Painting 0 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game May 29 20:20 Hampton FC-Bill Miller 2 The Hideaway 1 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Jun 5 20:20 Hampton FC-Bill Miller 2 Maidstone Market 1 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Jun 12 18:30 Hampton FC-Bill Miller 1 FC Tuxpan 0 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Jun 19 19:25 Hampton FC-Bill Miller 0 Tortorella Pools 1 Lost
no photos Jun 26 19:25 Hampton FC-Bill Miller 2 Bateman Painting 0 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Jul 3 19:25 Hampton FC-Bill Miller 3 FC Tuxpan 3 Tie
Semi Final MatchPhotographs have been posted for this game Jul 10 19:40 Hampton FC-Bill Miller 5 The Hideaway 2 Won
Championship MatchPhotographs have been posted for this game Jul 17 19:30 Hampton FC-Bill Miller 4 Tortorella Pools 3 Won
Photos were taken during this game Photographs posted for this match Semi Final Match Semi Final Match  Championship Match Championship Match 

 Field: Herrick Park, Easthampton  Match: Championship  Date: July 17th, 2013 at: 19:30 Weather: Sunny 83°F(28.3°C)
Hampton FC-Bill MillervsTortorella Pools
4(2) 3(1)

Game Photographs:
Spring 2013 'Golden Boot' winner Esteban Uchupaille of Bateman Painting with league President Leslie Czeladko Eddie Lopez of Tortorella Pools(left) and Jose Almonsa of Hampton FC  talking about the coin toss Jose Almonsa of Hampton FC Rudolfo Marin of Tortorella Pools(left) kicking the ball between the legs of a Hampton FC forward Our soccer fans during half time. most of the fans were at the other side of the field with the teams Stiven Orrego of Tortorella Pools trapping the ball Alex George of Tortorella Pools(left) about to get by Oscar Reinoso of Hampton FC Hampton FC at the half time break leading by a score of 2-1 Eddie Lopez of Tortorella Pools(center) telling his team mates where to play Alex Ramirez about to start the second half, Eddie Lopez of Tortorella(left) and Hampton FC forwards Cristian Munoz of Tortorella Pools(right) kicking the ball away Hampton FC after their victory over Tortorella Pools by a score of 4-3 Hampton FC having their picture taken by Jack Graves of the East Hampton Star Our league referee, Alex Ramirez Team manager of Hampton FC-Bill Miller celebrating his victory of Tortorella Pools
Hampton FC - Bill Miller - Spring 2013 Champions
Tortorella Pools takes the early lead

Hampton FC the new entry in the league for this season has been playing well. The past two times the teams have met, each side was playing a man down, the team winning was the team that was at full strength. This championship match with 60+ spectators, both teams were ready to play with the grass cut and a sunny warn evening. You could not ask for a better evening to play the championship match. On the field, play was very physical with frequent pushing and shoving.

It did not take long for Tortorella Pools to take the lead. Within about three minutes of the start, a Hampton FC defender does a poor clearance where the ball goes to Alex George of Tortorella inside the Hampton FC goalie box. George traps the ball about fours yards out and fires it into the net to give his team the lead.

Hampton FC was able to tie up when Ismael Penfiel passed the ball to Martin Suniga, who had the ball out 15 yards out. Suniga fires a bouncing grounder that gets by Craig Caiazca of Tortorella Pools into the left side net.

Attacks were taking place on both sides of the field but Hampton FC had a quicker attack against Tortorella. Tortorella at times would slow down the attack until more of it's players moved up the field. Hampton FC when on defense, had their whole team which made it difficult for Tortorella to take a shot.

At 18 minutes into the match, Hampton FC was able to take the lead when Suniga was dribbling inside the Tortorella goalie box and coming from the left side was Cristian Munoz, who pushed Suniga into the ground. Jose Almonsa of Hampton FC took the penalty kick and fired the ball right into the center of the goal to give his team the lead.

'Own Goal' defeats Tortorella Pools

The team leading at the half, wins about 83% of the matches so it was looking good for Hampton FC. Tortorella came out strong and about 6 minutes into the second half was given a direct kick from about 26 yards out. Eddie Lopez of Tortorella would take the kick. Lopez fires the ball over everyone past the diving keeper into the top right hand corner of the net to even up the match.

The goal by Lopez lifted up the spirits of this team but it did not last long. About 12 minutes into the second half, Hampton FC was given a direct kick from about 18 yards out. Tortorella placed a wall with Oscar Reinoso of Hampton FC taking the kick. Reinoso shot a grounder that went through the wall past Caiazca to Rudolfo Marin. Marin was standing behind the wall and was surprised by the ball. Marin tried to kick the ball out but he kicked the ball just inside of Caiazca and it deflected off the inner side of the goal post to end up in the net for an own goal. A major let down for Tortorella.

Tortorella tries to come back but several times they just held onto the ball too long and lost it. As Hampton FC was attacking, Cristian Gonzales took a beautiful kick from about 25 yards out that hit the net past the hands of Caiazca of Tortorella. It was an unexpected goal what gave his team a convincing lead. On the sideline, after seeing the goal, Alex Mesa is seen stepping onto the field to celebrate the goal but the referee sees this and Mesa receives a red card for this act. On several occasions, Tortorella is given several yellow cards for failure to report a substitution with the referee.

With time running out for Tortorella, they were able to put heavy pressure on Hampton FC and it paid off. About 27 minutes into the match, a penalty kick is given to Tortorella with Lopez taking it. Lopez shot just under the cross bar to give his team a chance to tie it up.

Tortorella was now down just a goal but only 3 minutes were left in the match. Could they score? Tortorella within the three minutes had many near chances to score but Hampton FC was able to hold on to become the spring 2013 league champions! A great match to watch and we will see you in the fall.

Updated: 18 July, 2013. After checking the photos, it was determined that Alex Mesa did not leave the field as our rules state, for the failure to leave the field, one extra game will be added to his suspension for a red card. He will sit out three matches at the start of the fall season.

Hampton FC-Bill Miller
+5.0     Almonsa, Jose 1  
-0.5     Bolanos, Alejandro    
-0.5     Castro, Duvan    
+5.0 Yellow Carded   Gonzalez, Cristian 1  
+1.0     Gonzalez, Tono    
+1.0     Lizano, Manuel    
-3.5 Red Carded   Alexander Mesa, Ivan    
+1.0     Penafiel, Cristian    
+4.0     Penafiel, Ismael   1
+1.0     Parra, Kevin    
-0.5     Portillo, Carlos    
+1.0     Reinoso, Oscar    
+5.0     Zuniga, Martin 1  
Won  Bolanos, Alejandro 3 7
*Note: Player within this count had an 'Own Goal'

Tortorella Pools
-1.0    Caiazca, Craig    
-1.0    Czeladko, Leslie    
-1.0    Duran, Cristian    
+4.0 Yellow Carded  George, Alex 1  
-2.0 Yellow Carded  Gutierrez, Rene    
+9.0    Lopez, Eddie 2  
-2.0 Yellow Carded  Marin, Rodolfo 1*  
+1.0    Orrego, Stiven    
+1.0    Read, Jimmy    
+1.0    Rodriguez III, David    
+1.0    Salazar, Daniel    
Lost Caiazca, Craig 3 6
*Note: Player within this count had an 'Own Goal'