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Maidstone Market Fall 2019 League Champions
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Maidstone Market Fall 2019 champs

Maidstone Market - Fall 2019 Schedule
 DateTimeTeam GoalsOpponentGoalsResult
Photographs have been posted for this game Sep 11 20:20 Maidstone Market 1 East Hampton SC 2 Lost
Photographs have been posted for this game Sep 18 20:20 Maidstone Market 0 FC Tuxpan 0 Tie
Photographs have been posted for this game Sep 25 19:25 Maidstone Market 3 Hampton Construction 2 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Oct 21 19:25 Maidstone Market 2 Sag Harbor United 1 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Oct 23 18:30 Maidstone Market 4 East Hampton SC 2 Won
no photos Oct 28 18:30 Maidstone Market 5 Tortorella Pools 0 Won
no photos Oct 30 18:30 Maidstone Market 0 FC Tuxpan 2 Lost
Photographs have been posted for this game Nov 4 20:20 Maidstone Market 7 Hampton Construction 1 Won
Photographs have been posted for this game Nov 6 20:20 Maidstone Market 3 Sag Harbor United 1 Won
Semi Final Matchno photos Nov 13 19:40 Maidstone Market 1 East Hampton SC 1 Tie
Championship MatchPhotographs have been posted for this game Nov 20 19:00 Maidstone Market 1 FC Tuxpan 1 Tie
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FC Tuxpan-Maidstone Market
1(0) 1(1)
Maidstone Market won 4-1 on penalty kicks
Date: November 20th, 2019 at: 19:00
Field: Herrick Park, Easthampton  Match: Championship  
Weather: Windy 46°F(7.7°C)
Game ID: 3268
Match Day Photographs:

Eddy Juarez of FC Tuxpan(left) about to get by Xavi Piedramartel of Maidstone Market Luis Barrera of Maidstone Market(rear) guarding Donald Martinez of FC Tuxpan Alvero Olaya blasting the ball out of danger Fall 2019 Maidstone Market (rear) Alex,Jony,Luis,Alvero,John (front) Xavi,John,Gehider,Faustino Donald Martinez of FC Tuxpan(left) holding off John Romero of Maidstone Market Jose Gutierrez of FC Tuxpan on the attack Adrian Mora(left) and Christian Neira(right) of FC Tuxpan trying to steal the ball from Gehider Garcia Pedro Agudelo of FC Tuxpan, the Fall 2019 'Golden Glove' winner John Romero(left) and Luis Barrara(right) standing next to Gehider Garcia of Maidstone, Fall 2019 'Golden Boot' winner Donald Martinez of FC Tuxpan(left) watching what Luis Barrera of Maidstone Market will do Our scorekeeper(left) standing next to John Romero, manager of Maidstone Market Cristian Compuzano of FC Tuxpan(right) on the attack Jose Gutierrez of FC Tuxpan, holding the runner up trophy Maidstone Market Fall 2019 Champions,(left-right) Xavi, Maicol,John,Alex,Mario 2019 FC Tuxpan,(rear) Erick,Brandon,Eddy,Jose,Donald,?,Alberto,Christian (front) Pedro,Adrian,Cristain C.
Maidstone Market Fall 2019 Champions

Video high lights of the match found here.

A cold fall night

In the championship game, two 30 minute halves would be played instead of the usual 35 minute halves. The field was still wet after the light rain during the day but with the wind blowing from the north west and a game time temperature of 46 degrees made standing on the side lines difficult. Both teams were ready to play. During the first half, Maidstone Market would control the game but for some reason their offensive drive would be cut short by the FC Tuxpan defense. At the 24th minute mark, Maidstone was able to score. Xavi Piedramartel standing near the half field line on his side fires the ball toward the FC Tuxpan goal over the defender's heads. Racing toward the ball was team mate Faustino Meza. Meza was able to beat the defenders to see that Pedro Agudelo was also running toward the ball. Agudelo was not able to take control of the ball as Meza was next to him. The ball went by which gave Meza a easy shot to score from about five yards.

FC Tuxpan comes back to tie

During the second half of play, Maidstone did not have the same type of attack as in the first. FC Tuxpan was the attacking team but their defense was playing well. FC Tuxpan was able to tie the game at the 45th minute. The ball is being kicked around inside the Maidstone goalie box. Brandon Quivdero of FC Tuxpan fires the ball toward the goal but Maidstone goalie, Alex Mesa, could not handle the ball well right next to the goal line. Standing there to hit the loose ball into the net was Donald Martinez.

FC Tuxpan could have taken the lead when a ball was hit parallel to the goal. As the ball was moving a TC Tuxpan defender from about two yards tries to kick it in but miss judges and total misses the ball to fall down on the ground. As the game progressed, it was looking as if it would end in a draw. Once the game was over, the penalty kick round would start as soon as possible due to the cold.

Maidstone wins penalty kick round 4-1

In the penalty kick round, Maidstone won which gave them 15 championships. Again another great season.

Penalty Kicks
Round Maidstone Market FC Tuxpan
1 Mesa 1 Juarez Bar
2 Garcia 1 Martinez 1
3 Cortez 1 Neira Post
4 Meza 1 - -

FC Tuxpan
+0.5 Not Carded  Pedro  Agudelo    
+1.0 Not Carded  Cristian  Compuzano    
+1.0 Not Carded  Erick  Diaz    
+0.5 Not Carded  Jose  Gutierrez    
+1.0 Not Carded  Eddy  Juarez    
+5.0 Not Carded  Donald  Martinez 1  
+0.5 Not Carded  Adrian  Mora    
+0.0 Yellow Carded  Christian  Neira    
+4.0 Not Carded  Brandon  Quivdero   1
Tie Pedro  Agudelo 1 3
Maidstone Market
-0.5 Yellow Carded  Luis  Barrera    
+1.0 Not Carded  Jony  Cortez    
+1.0 Not Carded  Gehider  Garcia    
+5.0 Not Carded  Faustino Dominguez Meza 1  
+0.5 Not Carded  Alvaro  Olaya    
+0.5 Not Carded  Ivan Alexander Mesa    
+4.0 Not Carded  Xavi  Piedramartel   1
+1.0 Not Carded  John  Romero    
  Not Carded       
Tie Ivan Alexander Mesa 1 4
*Note: Player also had an 'Own Goal'