Bylaws of the East End Men's Soccer League:


Fees & Fines:

$550.00 per team each season.
Entry fee due by the third(3rd) week of current season. Failure to meet either of the above payment deadlines will result in a forfeit and eventual ejection from the league. No payment for referees will be collected. Referee is paid from the team league entry fee.
$50.00 per each forfeit.
If a team forfeits a game during the season, they will be fined and will have to pay the fine at their next scheduled match. If they do not pay, they are not able to play!
League Meeting:
$50 fine.
If league holds a team meeting and you or your representative does not show up. Too many times, a league meeting is requested but some of the managers but they do not show up or call before the meeting that they will not make it. (Adopted September 4th, 2014)
$5.00 per each yellow card.
$10.00 per each red card.
$25.00 each player who is not present and your team forfeits the last game of the regular season.
All player's fines have to be paid before a player can play again even when they are no longer suspended.



Official Match Time: The official time will be kept by the referee or other official of the league, which is taken from the cell phone. The digital timer will count down one minute before the game is scheduled to start. The digital timer is set to automatically time an entire game from start to finish. No adjusts to the game length can be made. The referee has the responsibility to keep the game flow moving with the digital timer.
Duration: Two 25-minute halves with 5 minute break for half time. If time does not permit the playing of a full length game for all of the teams, then all games will be shorten to fit within the time slot that the East End Men's Soccer League is allocated. The league has the field from 6:30pm to 9:30pm each play night.
Game Times:
Official Game Time Schedule
Scheduled Game Time 1st Half Half Time 2nd Half
6:30pm 6:30pm - 6:55pm 6:55pm - 7:00pm 7:00pm - 7:25pm
7:30pm 7:30pm - 7:55pm 7:55pm - 8:00pm 8:00pm - 8:25pm
8:30pm 8:30pm - 8:55pm 8:55pm - 9:00pm 9:00pm - 9:25pm


   This rule has to do with goalies.
Since finding a goalie is difficult, it is suggested that after the roster is closed and if a team's goalie has to leave the league due to sickness, or some other reason, a team be permitted to replace this goalie.

The items below would be the conditions on this goalie.(Adopted October 15th, 2008)

  1. You can only replace a goalie once(1) after the roster is closed.
  2. This new player would only play as a goalie and never enter the field as a field player.
  3. For your new goalie to play in the playoffs, he would have to play at least one(1) game during the regular season.(Adopted August 12th, 2021)
  4. If for some reason, your old goalie returns, your new goalie would not be permitted to play as a field player.

Golden Boot Award:

   Each season, the East End Men’s Soccer League gives out the "Golden Boot" award. This award is given to the player who scores the most goals during regular season. Only one winner will be given this award. The winner will receive a trophy along with a prize that will change season to season.

In case a tie exists between players the following procedure will be used to determine the single winner. Only statistics from the regular season will be used, no playoff statistics will be used to determine the winner.

  1. Most Assists.(FIFA Rule)
  2. Fewest games played(FIFA Rule), must play at least three(3) games.(EEMSL Rule)
  3. Difficulty of scoring a goal(goals are given a weighting depending on the defensive goal average of the team in the regular season). So if two players are tied, then the player who scored more goals against a better defensive team wins(See Below).
Defensive Goals Per Game(Example)
3.641.4001410 Maidstone Market
2.831.8001810 Bateman Painting
2.552.0002010 Tortorella Pools
2.132.4002410 FC Tuxpan
2.132.4002410 Hampton FC - Bill Miller
1.005.1005110 Sag Harbor United

*NOTE: Statistics taken from spring 2016 season.

The WEIGHT column is calculated as follows: Divide the goal average of each team into the team with the worst goal average, in the above example it would be Sag Harbor.

Golden Glove Award:

   Each season, the East End Men’s Soccer League gives out the "Golden Glove" award.

This award is given to the goalie who has the highest Fantasy Point average. Your goalie has to play at least three(3) games to be considered for the award. Only one(1) award will be given out.

In case of a tie, the player who played the most games will win.

Only statistics from the regular season will be used, no playoff statistics will be used to determine the winner.

Your goalie(s) have to registered as a goalie to be considered for the award.

Earning Fantasy Points

+1For playing in a game.
+5For Goalkeeper conceding 0 goals
+5For every penalty kick saved by a Goalkeeper
-1For every 2 goals conceded by your Goalkeeper
-1For a yellow card
-3For a red card, if a player receives a yellow card first and then a red card, only the red card will count toward the points total

Late Starts:

League Play:

We follow the basic FIFA rules with the following modifications:


Rain Outs:


Standing Regular Season:

Definition of Terms
Gf : Overall league goals your team scored
Ga : Overall league goals your team has given up
+/- : Difference between the overall goals you scored(Gf) and goals given up(Ga)
HH:pt : Head to Head points or your play results against the other teams with points equal to your team
HH:+/- : Head to Head goal difference record against the other teams with points equal to your team

NOTE: Before the Spring 2002 season, each win would earn you 2 points and for each tie 1 point.

  1. You receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, no points if you lost.
  2. Standing based on number of points your team has: ranked from (most to least).
  3. If two or more teams have the same number of points. The following procedure is used to break the tie.
    1. Use head to head point "HH:pt" outcomes between tied teams.
        Example: During the season team A beat team B and team C, team B beat only team C, so team A has HH:pt of +6, won all games, Team B has a HH:pt of +3, it won a game and lost one. Team C has a HH:pt of +0, it lost both games. So then Team A is ranked highest followed by team B and team C.
    2. If still tied, use HH:+/- between teams.
        Example: During the season team B beat team A by (3-2) but later team A beat team B by (4-2). Team A has a HH:+/- of +1 but team B has a HH:+/- of -1, so team A is ranked higher.
    3. If still tied, then rank teams by best overall league +/-.
        Example: Team A has a league +/- of +10 but team B has a league +/- of +7, so team A is ranked higher.
    4. If still tied, then use league Gf. Ranking by highest to lowest.
        Example: Team A has scored 30 league goals, now Team B has scored 25 league goals. In this case, Team A would be ranked higher.

Standings Post Season:

  1. Post Season Standings: This will show just the final statistics of each team to the championship round.


  1. All efforts will be make to post the game data statistics(i.e, photos, goals, analysis), before the weekend of the week played. Please check for correctness and inform the league of any errors. If after an investigation, an error is found it will be corrected. You have until the following week's games to correct the previous week's statistics. After that date, no changes will be made. The only corrections that will be made, if the correct data was entered incorrectly, or some kind of computer error that needs to be corrected. or you have photographic or video evidence to prove your case.
  2. What it all means is that you have a week to report any incorrect data and after that,it will stand as is. So do not inform the league that several weeks ago that you did not score but it was someone else who did. This has happened several times already. Do not expect any changes to be made. You had a week to check for correctness.


Suspended Game: